Mark proclaimed:
An interesting idea at least.

Lately there's been an increasing practice of getting a download of a band's album when you buy a ticket to their concert. Makes sense in an age where bands can't sell albums but they can still sell concert tickets.

Baroness is seeing if they have any luck by doing the reverse of that: the ticket to get into their show is your order of their album. You can't just buy a ticket or pay at the door; you have to get the album in order to see the show.
For admission to both the performance and the signing after the show, you have to pre-order Gold & Grey from the respective record store
These are small-scale shows mostly taking place inside record stores, so it's a long way from here to adopting the practice to larger scale shows. But as an experiment, it's a good way to feel it out.
Huh. So, what if someone wants to see them more than once, you gotta buy the album a bunch of times, hahaha?
LOL my guess is they will be asked that. A reasonable solution might be that showing a receipt for the album order will get you into any show(s).
That'd be pretty cool, but a sure way for a band to lose money by having fans, hahaha.
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