Date:2019-05-02 22:29:05
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most non-Jews hate Jews, and most non-blacks hate blacks. Anywhere in the world, no matter what they listen to, people are just fucking xenophobic racists. They just are. That's that.
OK. I understand your point of view now. It's stupidly wrong, but you're entitled to it.
It's not a point of view. It's the reality. It's what it is.

You grow up here in the New Rome of the world, and you know nothing about the rest of it. You read about it on your ivory tower of American promised land. You judge it from your first-world perch. You are a tourist in this world. Whatever travels you may have had were not wanders, they're tours. All you want to know is that you know how it is. You don't. People are fucked up all over. They listen to Frank Sinatra, or Paula Abdul, or Maurice Chevalier, or gregorian chants, and it makes not the slightest difference. When you get stabbed for being a certain ethnicity, when you have to change your last name to survive, when they refuse you entry into a country based on our origin, when you get beat down on a street for being where you're from, when your girlfriend gets attacked for beng too dark or not dark enough - no by black metallers, but by what you call "normal" wholesome people who listen to "normal" music, then maybe you'll understand that you know nothing about how things really are, my American white boy Roman citizen.

Prejudice and hate has nothing to do with music. It has to do with stupid racist fucking people who think they know how the world is and should be, and they come in all creeds and colors.
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