Re: bullshit again

Date:2019-05-02 22:00:30
Edited:2019-05-02 22:01:18
In Reply To:Re: bullshit again by von
Joe-× proclaimed:
von proclaimed:
Evidence? Go to a Toby Keith show, or Hank Williams Jr., or David Allen Coe, and listen to the audience.
You're still full of crap. That proves nothing. Their music is heavily influenced by black music and they know it. Sure the fans might be idiots, but go to a metal concert. All white dudes. Listen to *them* talk. Racist and misogynist.
And bullshit again. You just said what I said, yo. It doesn't matter what music they listen to at all. People are just of shit. Black, white, yellow. They just hate anyone different. I lived in Israel: majority of Israeli Jews I've encounted haaate Arabs - hell- they fucking haaate non-Jews. I was straight up jumped on a bus for having blond hair and blue eyes and told to "get the fuck back to Russia." If you only knew how they despise Christians...
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