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Date:2019-05-02 21:52:09
In Reply To:Re: bullshit again by Nosferatwo
Nosferatwo proclaimed:
So the South doesn't have more racism in it than other areas of the US?
Getting back onto the topic of anti-semitism, the answer is simply no. There were pockets of Jewish people in the south and some of them served as generals for the Confederacy. South Carolina and Georgia eliminated colonial laws banning Jews from voting within a few years of the Constitution. Rhode Island didn't repeal those laws until 1842 and New Hampshire didn't until 1877. Yankee General Grant issued one of the worst anti-semitic government actions in the nation's history with an order to expel all Jews from three states. The most heinous act of anti-semitism in American history was from Henry Ford of Michigan and his publishing of a hideous anti-Jewish newspaper whose most hateful articles were eventually compiled and widely distributed in book format. Anti-Jewish sentiment ran wide and deep but history only selectively records the clowns in sheets which are associated with the South. Franklin Roosevelt said in a private conversation that "the best way to settle the Jewish question" was "to spread the Jews thin all over the world." His opinions were kept from public view but are readily available now and explain perfectly well why he did nothing during the Holocaust.
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