Re: bullshit again

Date:2019-05-02 21:23:41
In Reply To:Re: bullshit again by von
von proclaimed:
Country music, southern rock, and rap...wanna bet the Jew hate/racism is as high, if not higher, than metal among those audiences?
I don't think you understand how hate progresses from discomfort with the other, to distrust of the other, to internalized hatred of the other, to cautious outward expression of the hatred, to brazen expression of hatred, to broad expressions within groups, to broad expression within the whole of society, to random acts of violence, to collective acts of violence, to systematic acts of violence, to genocide.

Black metal has Nazi bands that can be discovered in a few seconds of googling. If you're going to claim that country music and southern rock is more anti-semitic than black metal then you're going to have to provide evidence. You've got to find a single country or southern rock musician who publicly threw a sieg heil and screamed "white power" or something similar before I'm convinced that those genres have even the slightest of problems compared to the degree that it exists in ALL forms of metal.

Basically, you're full of crap, and you're just dumping on musical forms that you don't like.
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