Re: Metal and Nazis

Date:2019-05-02 21:10:36
In Reply To:Re: Metal and Nazis by Matt Johnsen
Sure and the Rhineland massacres were about Jewish moneylenders oppressing poor people through the power structures of usury. Sounds to me like you're just rationalizing your anti-Christian sentiments. Christianity has lacked the power structures to oppress non-Christians for centuries. If black metal addressed the past from an Iron Maiden styled historical point of view, your argument would hold more weight. I'm not an adherent of Hinduism, but I wouldn't hide behind a false claim that an anti-Hindu hate metal album that I'd written was about the -ism and not its practitioners. Black metal and other forms of anti-Christian hate metal is motivated by angry dudes mad at judgmental Christians, not some abstract system of beliefs that they don't even understand. The hate is just basic displacement.
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