Date:2019-05-02 21:01:51
Edited:2019-05-02 21:02:42
In Reply To:Re: It's not surprising... by Nosferatwo
Nosferatwo proclaimed:
If only you read my post instead of the subject line.
I did. I was saying that ugly music often finds an ugly audience. We can extend that further out than black metal. Other genres aren't as ugly as those already mentioned (ok, hardcore certainly can be), or they have more diversity inherent in the base of musicians, so I wouldn't expect to see as much of an issue there.

The fact that black metal is primarily white people who are already filled with hate is the perfect breeding ground, whichever way the equation flows.
You don't hear the melody in black metal, you call it ugly noise - but the thing is you only hear the melody in the vocals. Only vocals. Only straighforward. Only in English. Only when the vocals are right upfront. You don't understand the purpose of drums either. You don't understand the nuances of instrumentation. You don't. You proudly admit to all this. You understand music only if it's microwaved and pre-chewed.
Like a Powerwheels collector at a hot-rod convention, it's "I like the red one, cause it goes wrooom."

Check this out, kid, it's Faust. "-Eeek, daddy, I don't like this, it's scaaary. He's mean"
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