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Date:2019-05-02 20:38:37
Edited:2019-05-02 20:44:50
In Reply To:Re: bullshit again by Nosferatwo
Nosferatwo proclaimed:
This here is, again, a bunch of generalized, biased, judgemental crap, clearly illustrating that xenophobic stereotypes apply not only to races and ethnicity, but to forms of artistic and cultural expression.
So the South doesn't have more racism in it than other areas of the US? The South doesn't have a long history of systematic oppression?

And many southern rock bands don't associate themselves with the Confederate flag, a symbol of racist terrorism set out to destroy the US?
Yes, it also had gospel, spirituals, and Delta blues. It had Elvis, who took black music to the front, constantly drawing from gospel, his first single being a Arthur Crudup song. It had Hank Williams, who learned guitar from a black musician. And the Allman Brothers, one of the primary southern rock bands, had a black drummer from the get-go.

Lincoln the Northern liberator, didn't initially abolish slavery in all the States of the Union: only in the ones that were in rebellion. The initial goal was not the abolition of slavery at all, but the maintenance of the federal government's authority over the Union.

New Jersey, an oh-so-northern state, was one of the last states of the union to actually abandon the practice of slavery. There are just as many racist fuckheads in rural NJ and PA who wave the Second Flag as there are down south, and that's a fact.

Eric Clapton, a staunch disciple-a product even-of black blues, had said some insanely racist shit in support of Enoch Powell's anti-immigration policy, not being southern, or American at all.

I'm glad that you are afraid of the dark, though, it proves my point that some people choose earmuffs and pink sunglasses over the truth and call it reality.
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