Re: bullshit again

Date:2019-05-02 20:13:28
In Reply To:Re: bullshit again by Nosferatwo
This here is, again, a bunch of generalized, biased, judgemental crap, clearly illustrating that xenophobic stereotypes apply not only to races and ethnicity, but to forms of artistic and cultural expression.
So the South doesn't have more racism in it than other areas of the US? The South doesn't have a long history of systematic oppression?
Where do you live?
Every country in the world has a nasty history with racism, or tribalism.
Actually, racism has always been as endemic in the "North" and the "West" and the "Heartlands" as in the "South" but they South were the only ones to make it the root of their economic system overtly.

And many southern rock bands don't associate themselves with the Confederate flag, a symbol of racist terrorism set out to destroy the US?
Yep, which is why I am only now attempting to tiptoe through the genre in my Music education. Going with Allman Bros Band instead of Skynnrd or crap like Molly Hatchet or any of those post-grunge Jacksonville bands from the 90s and Naughts. Not sure who to look at next.
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