Re: bullshit again

Date:2019-05-02 18:04:28
In Reply To:It's not surprising... by Nosferatwo
Nosferatwo proclaimed:
Among the portions of the metal world that are fixated on testosterone, hate, and aggression, it's only natural for a number of them to be despicable people. Music that mirrors the worst of us, and wallows in that, is not going to attract sunny people. I don't know if it's causation or correlation, but it's why I intentionally stay away from as much of black/death metal as I can.
And this is the kind of stupid-ass, holier-than-thou, talking-out-the-ass answer you will get, Ben, when you ask a stupid-ass question. And that was a stupid-ass question.

Country music, southern rock, and rap...wanna bet the Jew hate/racism is as high, if not higher, than metal among those audiences? You think the percentage of anti-Semites at a reggaeton show is lower? You think a huge portion of the jocks who listen to Top 40 don't scream about Zionist conspiracies? This shit has nothing to do with music.
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