There's probably a big venn diagram overlap...

Date:2019-05-02 17:24:30
Edited:2019-05-02 17:26:15
In Reply To:Metal and Nazis by BenMech
...between people who actively describe themselves as misanthropic and those whose misanthropy is directed against specific ethnic groups.

The subset of black metal that isn't misanthropic is probably no more racist than any other genre; the subset of black metal that is prone to despise human existence reflects a sick-headedness that probably over indexes into other sick-headedness like anti-semitism.

I might add that just because *you* don't believe there's a Satan, doesn't mean that an organization like the MLO and its adherents doesn't believe there is a Satan, and they live their life accordingly. It doesn't require there to *be* a Satan...only that people are sick-headed enough to both believe in and worship Satan.
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