Metal and Nazis

Date:2019-05-02 15:59:00
So, yet again . . .

A number of European black metal band has been outed as being antisemetic racist Nazis.

Totally not shocking there. Frustrating to the nth degree but not shocking.

It's an old story going back to Darkthrone and Burzum etc. Maybe back to Quarthon and the founders of Mayhem, but who knows since members deceased.

More to my curiosity is this question:

Are other genres also tainted by Nazis? I suspect there's a pretty big wing of Power Metal who haven't spoken in the press, but sympathize offstage. The pun with Phil Anselmo's first Pantera album is intentional here.

Sludge has a misanthropy design baked in as much as black metal does.

Doom? IDK, probably not.

Progressive Metal? counterintuitive. Most likely not.

Thrash? It could go either way here.

Other branches? IDK.

So, is it just Black Metal, or is it not?
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