Maybe it’s because I’m older now but...

Date:2019-04-30 16:20:23
In Reply To:Re: ...and now I have to listen to Vauxdvihl n/t by Matt Johnsen
I totally missed this when this was hyped and only got this within the past 10 years.

Maybe because I wasnt around when this hit but while some great ideas,kinda a lot of meh,production was an issue,crap guitar tone.

Not bad though
Well, this is a proper concept album that actually works best taken in as a whole, and albums like that are hard to appreciate if you don't take the time to really digest it in its entirety, which is something I am sure we all do less now than we did 20 years ago. I also think "Listen" by Digital Ruin is a classic prog metal concept album in the same vein, but just perusing the tracks on YT or something would probably not convince anyone in this day and age that the album is worth a damn.

And yeah, To Dimension Logic is not the best sounding album, but the remaster that Century Media put out a few years ago was a vast improvement over the original.

I actually am more open minded and take time to digest concept albums now a lot more than I did when I was younger.

Agree with you on the digital ruin album.
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