Date:2019-04-25 15:13:47
In Reply To:Re: PM:X2 Thorsday Soundoff - 25 April by BenMech
BenMech proclaimed:
Mysticum - Planet Satan + In the Streams of Inferno
You love Mysticum - they appear in your list almost every week. I think I own ItSoI on CD, I should find where I put it. With the weather heating up I'm running out of time to appropriately enjoy the grim cold stuff.
He's not alone. Mysticum are pretty neat.
I don't know if "neat" is an appropriate term for something so raw and nasty, hahaha.
Their more recent album is the silly titled Planet Satan. They've since recorded and filmed a live concert, which von mentions sometimes.
Planet Satan has been their overall concept since inception(kinda like Immortal's concept of Blashyrkh, but instead of a snowy tundra it's a world of suffering and futility), so it was logical name for their sophomore album. They only have two, not counting the live release.

I never mentioned the Roadburn live recording here, but I have seen them a couple of times and will see them again in August with Carpathian Forest: should be demented.

Industrial Black Metal is very niche.
I don't like industrial style at all, but I love Mysticum. I feel they are really on their own.
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