Author:Chris F5
Date:2019-04-25 13:27:54
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von proclaimed:
BenMech proclaimed:
Having heard the first two Necrophobic albums, do I listen to anything else by them?
Not if you would like to continue enjoying them. In fact, I wish I stopped listening or seeing them entirely after "Darkside."
Personally, "The Nocturnal Silence" is one of my favorite death metal records, period.

Never a bad time for VdGG.

I'm finally trying some Allman Brothers Band
Old stuff rules. Play Skynyrd next, no joke, shit's awesome.
Whipping Post was so ahead of the time

I remember watching the Woodstock 94 set on VH 1 and they sounded so heavy..come to find out their gear never made it and Metallica let them use their gear,Whipping post played through Mesa Dual Recs..

As a casual fan of southern rock to me the Almons probably are my favorite of this genre..

Little Feat on the other hand ....yuck
White trailer trash boogie hippy garbage..hard pass

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