Re: Aborted attempt at an Empath discussion thread

Date:2019-04-11 16:08:39
In Reply To:Aborted attempt at an Empath discussion thread by BenMech
Coming out of PM retirement to post this! I like Empath!

It's just so darn earnest and sincere. No overcompensating bombast, no attempt to fit the music into some pre-existing label (Okay, uh, this album is the really heavy one! Okay, now this is the one where I play a different guitar and don't use much distortion!), no sense that the music was kludged and cobbled together out of scraps of his old songs to meet some artificial deadline so he could get back out on tour and get everyone paid.

It's incredibly dense and it's not an easy listen, but for me it's his best stuff since City and Ocean Machine. And full disclosure: those (with Infinity) are the last Devin albums that have truly held up for me. Everything since then feels like it's had one or two really solid ideas surrounded by a bunch of unsatisfying filler that was written to fit into the small box created by the initial ideas. To me, Empath is the first Dev album in a long time that doesn't feel like it's built to fit into a box. I know that's not going to be to everyone's taste but I really appreciate it.
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