Re: Decibel Fest 2019 Philly this weekend

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-04-11 14:20:54
In Reply To:Decibel Fest 2019 Philly this weekend by von
Don't know about Saturday yet, bit will definitely be there Sunday evening.
First round's on me.
I'm going to that Realm/Last Crack show in Milwaukee this weekend, so no Decibeer for me, but I'd say the Saturday lineup is vastly superior to the Sunday lineup. I would like to see Triptykon, but that's about it. Enslaved are fine, but I've seen them a zillion times and they're kinda dull. On Saturday, though, I think Obituary is playing all of Cause of Death, so there's that, and Baroness are the best, but I'd wager you don't agree with that sentiment :) Reunited Exhorder are totally solid, but you've seen them, too. I have my doubts about their ability to produce new material, but I am willing to entertain the idea that they might do it well.

But really, pretty much everything Decibel-related is depressing.

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