Re: PM:X2 Thorsday Soundoff - 11 April

Date:2019-04-11 08:44:53
In Reply To:PM:X2 Thorsday Soundoff - 11 April by Brian Taylor
Aphex Twin - Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2
They actually made some acoustic music? Cool... should check it out.

My list:
Xenoblight - Procreation
Still kicking my ass. I haven't enjoyed an album so intensely for a very long time. Great riffs, vocals, sound and everything just rules.

Extol - s/t
It's probably my favorite Extol. It's certainly the one that gets the most plays from me.

Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack
I dislike musicals. I generally dislike this kind of music. But for some reason, a few songs here hits a nerve. Requiem is fantastic, and I'm not ashamed to say it.

The Minds of 99 - Solkongen
Danish rock/pop (more pop than rock). Great singer, and a knack for interesting compositions both lyrically and musically in all their simplicity. The song "Alle Skuffer over tid" is a fantastic song.

Manticora - Hyperion
Manticora - Darkness With Tales to Tell
Manticora - The Black Circus pt. 1 & 2
Saw them live, and was going back. Manticora remains maybe the most underappreciated band out there.
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