Re: simplification

Date:2019-04-10 17:15:14
In Reply To:Re: Empath discussion thread for nice people by CarvinMan
There's a YT vid where he discusses this during a guitar clinic. I watched it awhile ago and don't remember specifics, but the gist of it is he had gotten to the point where he was frustrated living month-to-month and seriously considering trying to pander to a wider audience to make some cash when he met the dude from Nickelback. They talked about that and the advice Devy got was to be himself... so that's apparently why the album is a bit of everything rather than an attempt to make it on the radio. Anyways - for those interested in the actual story rather than my dim memory:

Devy shop talk

It's towards the middle (or maybe the end) when he gets to the Nickelback story.
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