Date:2019-04-09 17:42:18
Edited:2019-04-09 17:44:05
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BumZen proclaimed:
Oh, that's in Denmark? All those blonde haired Nordic types look alike.
This is what I deal with on a daily

Sweden, Norway, Finland...
Austria, Australia...
Serbia, Siberia...
Russia, Prussia..
Iceland, Greenland...


'Murica, fuck yeah

Had to grade a report on Australia that talked about Hitler and kangaroos. You think I'm joking?
Please tell me you're joking?
I told you I wasn't. It actually gets worse. I had mercy upon that poor soul, and allowed a re-write: got the same report, but on Austria instead. It was Vienna, outback, Hitler, and kangaroos. All she changed was the country's name...I am dead serious, dude. I might even still have it.
Please let me read it! The cringe...
I actually do still have it; I just read it over again :-[ It's as fucked up as I remember it, and worse. It's a landlocked country with a beautiful coastline, according to the author. Nazis, Melbourne, Alps, bulldog ants...I'm afraid I can't share it here or send it to you, though, even if I omitted the person's name, for several reasons. You just have to trust me and imagine the rest.
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