Re: Empath discussion thread for nice people

Date:2019-04-09 15:52:41
In Reply To:Empath discussion thread for nice people by BenMech
Now, I'm not the most informed listener regarding Devin. I've heard samples of SYL and the Project and everything, but nothing ever captured me enough to dive in.

I've listened to a few tracks, the first two being released were a bit too much "all in" for me. I liked the "Spirits Will Collide" which had more focus along with the spiritual uplift. The video was cool. It's like what I imagine what a prog band would do if they were to play the Super Bowl half time show. Disney-rrific lyrics, sanitized for tween consumption. "Hear Me" was a more invigorating ride, obviously, due to the aggression and intensity, but I still don't find myself wanting to listen repeatedly. It sounds a bit like entering into the mind of a schizophrenic with a chaos of thoughts and associations.

I really respect the fact that he approached this project without limiting himself to one sound or style. I'm sure it's liberating, but I predict he will naturally tend towards something simpler and perhaps more subdued the next time around.

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