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Date:2019-04-09 00:20:22
In Reply To:Re: Empath by BenMech
I know that I'm supposed to hate you and all of your musical opinions since you've been declared by the mob(s) to be so terrible to the point that others who typically reflexively disagree with everything Ben says suddenly agree with him - but I share your assessment. I like some bits, but find the overall to be largely incoherent. Typically this is where an illogical prog snob would tell me to inflict the pain on myself another 10 times to see if it changes my mind because I finally "get it", but no thanks. This one is meh. I do like a lot of Devin's output, but not this one.
I don't know yet if this is how I feel about it. And honestly, I haven't had the spark of excitement over a Devin album in a while. It feels like neither has he.
He peaked 20 years ago for me. I haven't been really excited by a Devin Townsend album in a long time. I'm okay with that: I got several incredible albums out of him, which is more than most artists accomplish. But I have long since given up on blind-buying his stuff.

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