Shouldn't you be starting posts on Larry's board about hating John Arch,Devin Townsend and prog in general?

Author:Chris F5
Date:2019-04-07 22:14:28
In Reply To:Re: Empath by Nosferatwo
And as far as your little piss poor attempt at insulting me,I actually have a live human female I'm in a relationship that makes this happen on a regular basis(unlike you or any noron that jumps in against me thY sides with you around here).

Just reflushing the shit that keeps coming back up the pipes,because that's what you do to shit,flush it

I'll again back away from this because unlike you I'm not a narcissist that has to get the last word in to win an internet argument,because unlike you I'm not creating 20 posts a.qeek crying and bitching about everything and then bitching about people not agreeing with you and then bitching people are being mean to you when you provoke them.
So I'll be a real man and concede yet another argument on here,because at the end of the day winning an argument on a forum with maybe 20 people.talking about irrelevant music is the least of things I care about these days

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