Re: Empath

Date:2019-04-07 16:31:18
In Reply To:Re: Empath by BenMech
Take offense please, but your opinion on the matter is known as discounted
We have a philosophical different. I don't find it 'progressive' to have four or five completely unrelated ideas, and glue them together into one song, without context for them being together. I find that approach lazy, and sort of cheap.

It's not unlike how, despite my affection for his music, Neal Morse doesn't actually write 20-30 minute epics. They're three or four short songs stitched together. That's not nearly the same thing as a legit long-form composition that has a a logical build from one section to the next.

I like logic. That's also why I find early Opeth to be severely overrated. From a songwriting perspective, it's lousy at the craft.
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