Re: Empath

Author:Rollin Hard
Date:2019-04-07 08:45:27
In Reply To:Aborted attempt at an Empath discussion thread by BenMech
I was pretty happy with it. I like it when devin embraces the "more is more" aesthetic. Whats funny is that i never got into deconstruction, even though on paper i should have. This is betteror at least more to my liking.

Like another poster said, anneke is kinda under-utilized in a way. She sounds too keyboard-like, and i guess thats my biggest sort of problem. Devin albums tend to sound the same as far as production goes. Theyre heavy, but slick, and they dont convey any individuality.

Overall though, i dig it, and i think the ambitious nature is excellent and will make it worth getting over my prejudices.
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