Re: Hamlet on Mexican Xmas

Date:2019-04-05 07:19:08
In Reply To:Hamlet on Mexican Xmas by von
For instance, my first ex-wife's mother thought that Cinco de Mayo celebrated Mexican Revolution or something, when in fact it commemorates Mexican victory over the French at Puebla. She was from Puebla.
Hahahaha. I actually didn't know the background story for cinco de mayo, but I did know it was not the national day for Mexico, but some other day used for celebration of latin culture in the US. But I'm pretty darn excused, as I don't live in the US, Mexico or have Mexican relatives.

Seeing as you like history:
Swedish national day is them celebrating sometime in June when they became independent from Danish ruled Kalmar-Union in 1523.
Norway "Syttende Mai" May 17th is them celebrating independence from Denmark in 1814. They don't even realise they were in union with Sweden so not really independent until 1905.
Iceland celebrate their national day celebrating independence from Denmark in 1944.
Only the fucking finns don't celebrate how they got rid of us. Meanwhile in Denmark, we don't even celebrate a national day. We just sit ashamed in our corner wondering why people think we suck so much. Next up: Greenland celebrates independence from Denmark, and then gets rich from oil :-P
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