Re: Mexican United States

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2019-04-04 04:40:03
In Reply To:Re: Mexican United States by von

Your math is off, or you meant to say kilometers.
'Murica. They don't teach that stuff here. Any of it. They don't teach what a kilometer is. Or kilogram. Or where Sweden is. Or Switzerland. Or the difference between the two. Or the difference between capitalism and socialism, or fascism and Marxism. I'm not kidding one tiny bit. I have to teach all this for the first time to college students, dude. College students.
Isn't Sweden one of the three Mexican countries?
Haha, you know, paradoxically, the funniest thing about that whole deal is, during the first Mexican Empire (after Mexico declared its independence from Spain) the present Central American states - Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica - were actually briefly part of the Mexican state. Granted, Mexican control over these territories didn't last long: as the first Empire gave way to the first Mexican Republic, the states declared their independence, establishing the short-lived Federal Republic of Central America, and eventually dissolving into the sovereign states as their union became unwieldy to manage. This common federal heritage can still be seen in the flags of 4 out of 5 of these "Mexican" countries.

But, yeah, whatever...brief as it may have been, the bigger point still is: you think the Fox people knew any of that? Sadder yet, you think the people that jumped down their throat did either? You think they even care?
Everyone who isn't a virgin didn't know or care about any of this. Not even sexually active Mexicans know this.

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