I know, you're right, it needed to say "APRIL FOOLS! TODAY IS APRIL FIRST" (n/t)

Date:2019-04-03 17:35:06
In Reply To:I didn't read it either because I assumed it was real news and that all that text was actual, boring press release stuff by Troll's Hole
Troll's Hole proclaimed:
Maiden releases new albums all the time. It is the worst titled April fools joke I've ever seen. Ever. All April fool jokes need an outrageous hook to catch your attention immediately, not just "it's gonna rain again today" or "a dog that can't talk has been discovered". It needs to be something completely ridiculous like "alpha male who is a loyal monogamist and doesn't get to bang girlfriend is incredibly successful and wealthy".
I know, for sure. And who the hell's Mongo?
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