New Iron Maiden due later this year

Author:T.J. Swoboda
Date:2019-04-01 04:04:43
Edited:2019-04-01 04:06:00
Taken from Pitchfork:


by Mackenzie Lewis
Associate Staff Writer


Exciting news emerged from Rod Smallwood and the Iron Maiden camp late Sunday, as the band's legendary manager granted Pitchfork an exclusive interview to share the most exciting development Maiden fans have seen, since Bruce Dickinson's return to the band in 1999.

"As many fans are aware," Smallwood said. "Maiden's second record, Killers, was the beginning of an eleven year stint working with Martin Birch. After 1984, Martin spent the next eight years working exclusively with Maiden. I believe the last record he did with another artist was Whitesnake's Slide It In, and when he told us shortly after that he wanted to partner exclusively with Iron Maiden from that point on, it was some of the best and most humbling news I've ever received. Martin is simply hard rock's finest producer, and I say that with all due respect to Kevin Shirley and other fine people with whom we've worked over the years. We tried to work with Martin again for Brave New World, after Bruce came back, and again for Dance of Death, but it was clear in both cases that he was retired."

I could hear Rod noticably take a breath over the phone, apparently collecting himself for what he was to say next. "I can finally say after speaking with Martin, Steve, and the entire band over the last couple of months, that Martin Birch will be producing the next Iron Maiden album."

Entitled The Boat of a Million Years, the new Maiden album is due out late this year. In a follow-up conversation with Steve Harris, the bassist and Iron Maiden founder explained "Obviously we're utterly ecstatic to be working with Martin again. We've been trying to put this together for, oh, bloody twenty years really, since Bruce and Adrian first came back to the band."

Also returning to the Maiden camp will be Derek Riggs, who will be doing the cover art for the album. Riggs inked the iconic Iron Maiden mascot Eddie on the band's album covers from 1980 through 1992. Other than the cover to Bruce Dickinson's 1997 solo effort Accident of Birth, the legendary artist hasn't done any other work for Iron Maiden members, and has done record covers for only a few other artists. "I'll be honest," Harris said. "Dave, Nicko and I were right pissed when we gave Accident of Birth a listen back in ninety-seven, and we certainly weren't cross with Bruce or Adrian. We were bloody furious with ourselves for not being nearly as good, and that brilliant cover Derek drew only served to rub it in. This feels like a family reunion, and bloody hell, it is a family reunion. The material for the new record is coming along fantastically, and we're all beyond pumped about this."

When we reached Bruce Dickinson for comment, he said "This is Flight 666, on a heading of two-two-five, altitude is... Repeat, over? Who's on this channel? You're in violation sir, and I have to ask you to clear this channel immediately. Yes, even on April Fools' Day sir. Good day."

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