Re: PM:X2 Thorsday Soundoff - 14 March

Author:Brian Taylor
Date:2019-03-14 22:37:04
Edited:2019-03-14 22:38:12
In Reply To:Re: PM:X2 Thorsday Soundoff - 14 March by Matt Johnsen
Definitely one of the finest Italian prog metal albums, and easily Fabio's high water mark as a singer.
Yeah, it's probably ol' FabiJoe Terreone's best showing and the album's a good time. I blame you for this 'cause Mystere de Notre Dame got me thinking back on the heady days of '90s Italian metal. And then I thought, oh, fuck it, let's buy Athena because I never did.

And that started a chain reaction and now I'm staring down a terrifying barrel of '90s prog/power nostalgia.

I might even listen to Vanderbilt Kamelot.
Now go find Silent Memorial - Cosmic Handball to hear this singer in a fairly great Dream Theater knockoff.
Adding this to the check-it-out list... now.

"Petty Obsession" sounds kinda like Paul Westerberg decided just being blackout drunk wasn't far enough over the punk edge so he followed up a full half-rack of some cheap shit beer by shooting meth into his scrotum and then trying to do an MCA-era Voivod cover.


I have never liked anything this woman has done, but I think she's cool.
I sorta like this one but it gets real same-y by the end.
Make note: there's a new Hollow album!
Which is also on the list of Shit to Get To One Day Not Too Long from Now.
Their best.
Could be. I haven't heard them in... a while so I can't rate, but I'd sort of forgotten how this album does AOR, Accept, and then more typical mid-80s speed/power depending on the track and that's a blend I can get behind.
Ugh, is this really the title of one of their releases? What a stupid band.
It'd make a lot more sense as a Voivod title and a cover full of ugly, primitive alien men jabbing a guy with sharp bits of metal.

It doesn't work that well as a QR title and also the album cover's trash and the album's mostly just there. I liked the self-titled more than this one, and I like The Verdict more than this one, and that's just the way of the world.
Threshold had singles?
Well, they say they did. And who are we to argue with a series of three-track disc "singles" with radio edits and a bunch of bonus tracks and B-sides?
Entombed - Clandestine, Crawl. I listened to a track from their upcoming live recording of Clandestine, and it's pretty cool, but it really just made me want to listen to the original. Everything about Clandestine is great, but I think what makes this album so much greater than any other Stockholm DM album is Nicke's drumming, which is insane and super creative. The Crawl EP is always worth spinning for the killer vocals, but I always like noting the small differences between these versions of the songs and the album versions. The title track is significantly different.
Still need to get the FDR Clandestine. (Also the FDR Bolt Throwers.)
Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer. Still growing on me, but this will never even come close to her first EP and album (not counting The Audition, which is not very good anyway), nor even Electric Lady. These songs definitely work better for me in the album context than individually a singles.
Have still not got around to this one. 2018 as a year is mostly just this blank space in my listening that I will go back and rectify... maybe.
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