Date:2019-03-14 16:50:45
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Matt Johnsen proclaimed:
Miles Davis - Jack Johnson
I don't listen to this nearly as often as his other classic fusion albums, but I should make an effort. It's great.
It is. McLaughlin and Hancock shine on this one.
Those dudes shone pretty much nonstop through the entire 70s, and Herbie started shining in like 63.
Do you have the Cellar Door Sessions?
No, I do not; I don't have any of his box sets.
It's a weird lineup with most of the lost quintet, plus Keith Jarrett, and sometimes McLaughlin.
I understand that "Live-Evil" was in part mixed from those sessions.

When McLaughlin is playing, the whole group moves in a Jack Johnson direction in ways they really never do otherwise. JJ is really a strange album in Miles' discography.
I think it's the prominence of the guitar and bass - which Miles proudly acknowledges in the liner notes - that gave "Jack Johnson" that "other" sound.

Have you listened to (or watched) his Isle of Wight set, "Call It Anything"? So killer.
Totally! And if you don't have it, you absolutely, positively, need It's About That Time:
I don't have this; I do have the Isle of Wight set, which is one of my top favorites of his.
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