Re: New Baroness:

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-03-14 13:22:45
In Reply To:New Baroness: by Nosferatwo

"Gold & Grey" is coming in June, and it's going to be a massive seventeen tracks.

I liked Purple quite a bit, but I haven't listened to it since it came out, because it was one of the worst sounding productions I've ever heard. This new track sounds pretty much the same. The song is nice, but when it gets loud, the sound is just awful. I don't know why they kneecap their own music like this, but it's a shame.
This is a pretty good song, but it feels like a leftover from Purple. I had gotten used to significant evolution between Baroness albums. As for the sound, I think this, and even Purple, feature really cool tones and mix, but on Purple, it was the mastering that ruined it. The whole thing was brickwalled in the most unpleasant way, but this doesn't sound similarly screwed. I like that they allow for a lot of different guitar tones in the same song - that's uncommon in metal. Gina Gleason's backing vocals are a welcome addition, too. Anyway, I'm fully in the bag for Baroness, so I'm very much looking forward to the whole album. Today might be a Baroness day. Time to start with 1!

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