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Date:2019-03-13 23:38:15
Edited:2019-03-13 23:53:24
In Reply To:Re: Extol by DaveG
They still a band>>>>>>

This is so deadly...
I don't think they've ever officially disbanded(Metal Archives say "on hold"), but I know Peter suffers from tinnitus, so I would not expect anything new.

Fleshkiller is most like their death metal material. Mantric is closer to Blueprint Dives. Azusa is kinda similar to Synergy.

Personally ranked:
Every Extol thing I've heard was musically interesting except for their whole JesusJunkie thing.

Who would you recommend to try for those of us not on that spectrum?
I really don't understand this stance. Do you have friends who are Christian? Can you enjoy their company?
No. Here's the crux of the biscuit. It's not the ho-hum workaday person barely latched on to religion by way of parental upbringing. I mean the specifically evangelical zealot of either Catholic or Protestant forms. The Born-Agains. Quickest example is the melodramatic fictitious character which Joe Kruger is trying to employ on the Pub side of this venue.

Listening to a band that's Christian is way easier than that.

They're not trying to change your opinion on Christianity, they are just speaking on what they believe in. I don't even understand the lyrics half of the time.
But still, they are there. Keep them out.
I can't stand organized religion either, does that mean I should listen to nothing but Deicide?
Your heart’s in the right way, but NOBODY should ever listen to Deicide willingly.
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