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Date:2019-03-08 19:04:01
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Hammers of Misfortune - "The August Engine"
I'm totally unable to decide if my favourite is this or "The Locust Years", so I play once this and once the other and once this and once the other and once this and once the other and once this and once the other and so on.
Their best, easily. I'd put 17th Street and The Bastard over The Locust Years.
Megadeth - "Rust in Peace"
The only defect of this CD is that I need to program songs 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9 before pressing play. I think my neighbours love it too, since they did not complain.
No love for Dawn Patrol? I suppose it's a bit out of place, but I always enjoyed the change of pace.
Sadus - "Swallowed in Black"
The best DiGiorgio performance is on "A Vision of Misery", but this is my favourite album by the band.
I should revisit this. I always thought Vision of Misery is where they started getting good. This was too rough for me back in the day.
Sepultura - "Beneath the Remains"
The kind of album that reminds me I'm younger than what my identity card says.

Sepultura - "Roots"
When it came out I really HATED it. After some years I started to appreciate what they were doing, but in small doses, usually only the first 4 songs. If taken as a whole then it's like a brick on my balls.
Scizophrenia and Arise are the only Sep I ever put on any more.
Serdce - "The Alchemy of Harmony"
Tech death goodness, although I prefer the one before and the one after. Time to release a new album, guys!
Cyberly is really their best, but I enjoy their attempt at becoming Cynic as well.
Theory in Practice - "Third Eye Function"
I'm one of the few crazy donkeys that think this is the best stuff they released.
I might agree with you. Something never quite clicked with me as much on their later work. I liked it enough to add to my collection, but basically never put it on.

I haven't had much listening time lately, but:

Flotsam and Jetsam - The End of Chaos
After more time with this, I still enjoy it, but it's a moderate step down from the S/T from a couple years back. Probably about middle of the pack for F&J's discography for me. Definitely in the same style as the S/T, more of a melodic thrash than what they had been going for for a while.

Overkill - The Wings of War
Giving it a 2nd shot. First listen actually put me to sleep on the airplane. 2nd listen seems a little better, but I doubt this is gonna be a buy for me. Oh well. They went for a more mid-paced plodding effort this time around, not as bluesy as I Hear Black but similar tempo. Overkill minus the frenzy is not that exciting for me.

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