Date:2019-03-08 18:20:25
In Reply To:Re: by von
3.Mar 9, 2019: Queensryche, Fates Warning, Irving Plaza, NY
Hey, I might be there!!!! We should meetup. I think I'll wear my new Radical Research / Keep Metal Weird t-shirt (under something. THis polar chill is craxy)
T-shirt??? It's arctic frost, yo.

I'll be there; heading to the Vitus Deceased/Morbid Saint gig afterwards. I'm not hard to spot: look for Mad Max/Thin White Duke in black leather holding a cup of something clear (vodka.) If a person is holding a beer, it isn't me;)
Nevermind. SOLD OUT :(
5.Mar 21, 2019: Ulver, Irving Plaza, NY
If there is still a chance, I'll get a ticket to whichever showdate
The next night may not be sold out yet.
Turns out I can't do this either :(
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