Date:2019-03-08 17:30:44
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Pirage proclaimed:
So far, I have tix for those
2.Mar 7, 2019: Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Immolation, PlayStation Theater, NY
I'd go but seen CC and MA far too many times for any excitement.
No excitement, just an excuse to come have a row of drinks with old friends. You know how it is, like a class reunion: it's a gathering. Something to do on a Thursday night:)

Plus MA seems boring without Evil D lol. Hence I booked Morbidfest with I am Morbid, Sadist, Vital Remains and Atrocity.
May I just say, fuck David Vincent. I've been saying it since Domination...fuck that guy. Fucking Rock Star.

6.Mar 23, 2019: Attacker, QXT’s, Newark, NJ
I'd go but don't know Attacker well. Just go for old school sake.
You make like their later output; very good classic trad metal in old Metal Blade tradition, no wimpy shit, no posery. A genuine group of folks.

8.Mar 29, 2019: Mortiis, Brooklyn Bazaar, NY
Don't know what you see in that fruitcake lol.
Are you kidding, it's going to be hilarious! When his fist VHS came out, we had a screening at my house, and it was the funniest shit ever. We'll just get pleasantly lit and turn what will surely be another morose Mortiis set into an episode of MST3K.
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