Date:2019-03-08 17:12:26
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So far, I have tix for those

2.Mar 7, 2019: Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Immolation, PlayStation Theater, NY
Saw this show last night in Buffalo at the Town Ballroom..Great looking venue with great sightlines and sound...Main reason i went is to see Necrot and Blood Incantation...B>I were really good..There weird scifi deth metal worked
really well with the crowd..Even know i dont wtf hes talking about between songs the jagular riffs and precise playing worked well..Necrot were equally solid as well..Their old school deth metal sound came across well performed and had the crowd slamming in the pit..Bass Player and main man(name escapes me) is one of the most genuine guys in deth metal and was super happy to be part of this tour...I remember seeing M>A back in 91 on the BATS tour with Unleashed and Entombed and rememeber how evil they sounded and how Vincent really commanded the stage...Last night i was bored to tears...No stage movement whatsoever and live they are a shell of there former selves..Alot of the songs from the Tucker era are same paced and boring as hell..sadly..we left a hr into the set and didn't stay for C>C....
I stopped coming to Morbid shows 15 years ago for above reasons. Their set last night was not awesome, a handful of old songs, and those weren't played too well. I don't know who's in the band anymore, other than Trey and Tucker. Trey's playing was good, though.

This was more of a gathering for us, we met up with some old friends, and spend the evening partying in a good company. This was also my first time leaving a Cannibal Corpse show without getting in a fight, so this was a celebratory milestone:D:D

Let me know how your gig goes today and im jealous you get to see Immolation
They didn't play;) It's alright for us, as they're local people - they're at a lot of local shows and they do play around here frequently enough.
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