Re: You're a god damn liar graham

Author:Chris F5
Date:2019-03-08 14:54:43
In Reply To:You're a god damn liar graham by Troll's Hole
Troll's Hole proclaimed:
You're a no good liar. What you have written is not true. Where are the facts? I see nothing but pure fiction here. Do you work for the band? Is this a dishonest advertisement? If so you must provide full disclosure.

Children of Bodom is a lousy band who are not to be trusted or supported. Anyone who says otherwise is brainwashed. Early in their career, they were talented for their age. Now that they're in their 40s and have somehow regressed rather than improved after more than 2 decades of practicing and refining their craft, their existence is both unwarranted and tragic. They are taking advantage of fans who yearn for them to be 17 again. Such fans have no right to support them. Who do they think they are? I demand that you stop this nonsense. You are being fooled by nostalgia.

What I have written are facts and you are to respect them and adjust your opinions accordingly. Furthermore I have earned some gratitude for taking the time to push you towards the right path in life. Please reply with a personalized thank you note and DO NOT question anything I have said!
Not bad

Not bad at all

To be fair I had a little Children of Bodom phase about 15 years ago.
They were fun live,lyrics and songs made zero sense as Alexi was writing them on an entire bottle of vodka a night..

I might give this a listen,but I have a strong feeling I'll be disappointed as either he is sober and trying to be serious or still a drunk alcoholic and it's now a mess..

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