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Author:Chris F5
Date:2019-03-07 20:42:00
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Russ proclaimed:
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Guys, why don't you try to write a couple words commenting on your listens, instead of posting dry lists? Otherwise it seems like going to the supermarket and reading some grocery lists by housewives.

It's a playlist thing. You want to write a couple of words, go ahead. You want to write reviews, do it. Do whatever you want. Or don't.

The new Queensryche doesn't suck. It's actually not a flaming pile of shit-filled diapers like so many other post-Empire outings.(though I think there's another release, or two that doesn't suck, but all I remember is how confused one of the metalheads at the MTV listening party was when MTV held a listening party for the album that came out after Empire. "It's kind of like Pink Floyd," he said with a confused look on his face. He realized it would be impolite to say, "This shit sucks ass, man. Where's the free beer you promised us for listening to this crap?"

I love PF, and Voivod likely owes their career to them, but....

Metal Church - The Dark.

Satan - CITA.

Some other new stuff, but nothing really memorable.
Because people were Expecting Empire 2.0
Which was for me a major downer style wise from the last 2.
This was the classic case of going for comercial success and actually succeeding when their most experimental song(yes,Lucidity was the one song that kept their huge prog Floyd influenced and experimental edge at the forefront and they always wrote great ballads so it was a natural that they hit on this song).
So then instead of doing what people wanted,they didnt write part 2 but instead went back to their highly experimental ways with Pronised Land,which actually would have been the perfect follow up to Rage with that futuristic and weird prog experimental style.
Unfortunately 2 major problems
1.People expecting Empire 2.0 got bit in the scrotum with how hard of a change this was(while a few of us were getting prog boners saying "welcome back")
2.Even worse was the music scene had changed so drastically for the worst between Empire and Promised land,as we were fully by now in the dark ages of the 90s and all the drug addict bullshit that was now popular,so going experimental and progressive in an era where dumb and stupid was the norm had obvious bad results..

I love Promised Land probably as much as their classics..
Then they started to go off the rails until LaTore came on

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