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Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-03-07 14:38:50
In Reply To:Thorsday housewives lists by teonzo
Grave - "Into the Grave" When I just don't know what to listen then I pick up a death metal classic like this one. Guaranteed satisfaction!
Grave never did it for me back in the day - too simple, too caveman. I would probably like their early stuff way more now. I should give them another chance.
Hammers of Misfortune - "The August Engine"
I'm totally unable to decide if my favourite is this or "The Locust Years", so I play once this and once the other and once this and once the other and once this and once the other and once this and once the other and so on.
For me, it's no contest: this is their best. I probably even like 17th Street more than The Locust Years, but I mean that primarily as high praise for 17th Street.
Megadeth - "Rust in Peace"
The only defect of this CD is that I need to program songs 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9 before pressing play. I think my neighbours love it too, since they did not complain.
This album disappointed me to no end when it came out, and I still think it's ludicrously overhyped. "Holy Wars" is good, "Take No Prisoners" mostly delivers, and I appreciate the oldschool 'Deth riffing in "Poison Was the Cure" and "Lucretia," even though I don't really think either song is that good. And to think this is still a better album than everything they've released since. Sad!
Sadus - "Swallowed in Black" The best DiGiorgio performance is on "A Vision of Misery", but this is my favourite album by the band.
This was my first Sadus album so it will always have a place in my heart. It sounds so bad, though!
Sepultura - "Beneath the Remains"
The kind of album that reminds me I'm younger than what my identity card says.
My fave, by a country mile. Hearing "Inner Self" for the first time on Headbangers Ball was life-changing.
Sepultura - "Roots"
When it came out I really HATED it. After some years I started to appreciate what they were doing, but in small doses, usually only the first 4 songs. If taken as a whole then it's like a brick on my balls.
This album is terrible, front to back. I think people forget just how popular it was, though. People fucking LOVED this shit. It was a grim time, clearly.
Serdce - "The Alchemy of Harmony"
Tech death goodness, although I prefer the one before and the one after. Time to release a new album, guys!
All Serdce is cool.
Theory in Practice - "Third Eye Function"
I'm one of the few crazy donkeys that think this is the best stuff they released.
I agree entirely! This is easily my fave by them. I like all of their releases, though. This one is just the weirdest. Only the purple cover with the goofy aliens is acceptable, though!

My shiz:

Dead Can Dance - Within the Realm of a Dying Sun, The Serpent's Egg. Maybe I'll throw in Aion and nail the trifecta of this band's best works.

Wolf - Black Wings. I've been shoring up my Wolf collection, and weirdly didn't already own this one. Their first few albums were really fun, but after that they just turned into one of a million retrad bands doing the same shit.

Shift - Lead, Judge & Jury. Second album of modern radio-thirsty metal by Rich Davis and Chris Lembach of the late, lamented Mystic Force. The first Shift album featured quite a lot of riffing that I could immediately recognize as Rich's handiwork (the guy had serious style) but this one has much less of that, sounding like a mash-up of every Disturbed-adjacent mall metal band of the last 15 years, plus some Alice in Chains. The singer is pretty good for the style, but the style does not ask much of singers. I wish Rich would just fucking reclaim Mystic Force from Keith, who is obviously and completely unfit to be the steward of that once-great band.

Týr - Hel, Ragnarok. I was expecting more from this. Valkyrja was great, their best album since Land, and the couple singles they released for this were very promising, but the album as a whole, while not bad, is lacking a certain spark. The singer is also mercilessly tuned, and not just here and there; it's evident in most songs. I like that they tried to bring a new heaviness to their sound, but the songs just aren't that inspired. I listened to Ragnarok a few days before I got Hel, to get myself pumped up. This album is very good, but in my mind it feels less great because it's sandwiched between two superior albums.

WAYD - Ghostwalk. Cool weird semi-technical death metal with jazzy flourishes, from Slovakia. All of the WAYD discs are good, and I just learned they still exist. Hopefully they'll release a fifth album in the not-too-distant future.

Gaskin - End of the World, No Way Out. Solid NWOBHM on the lighter, breezier side. Nothing really stands out, but both albums make for a pleasant listen.

Vektor - Outer Isolation. Needed a jolt of energy!

RX Bandits - Gemini, Her Majesty, Covers EP, The Resignation. What a fucking band! Once they got good (circa The Resignation) they pretty much only released gold. The Covers EP is inconsequential, but I'm always game for a Police cover. RX Bandits are probably the first worthy, direct descendant of The Police's evidently inimitable style.

Sacral Rage - Illusions in Infinite Void. Been listening a lot to the new one, so I forced myself to go back one. This is really a better album, but they're both great.

Dyoxen - First Among Equals. I always forget how fun this is, and also how melodic.

Demonoid - Riders of the Apocalypse. This is one of my very favorite death metal albums. It's really impossible to overstate how well written and performed this is.

Mindmaze - "Deja Vu". A solid cover of an overlooked Maiden classic.

Nathan Davis - Makatuka. A YouTube listen to a breathtaking jazz album that I'll probably never own.

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