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Date:2019-03-07 13:22:22
In Reply To:My thoughts so far on releases in 2018 by John Frank

Anyway, on to the lists. Note that I have not listed the 2913 titles still in my queue. You're welcome. :-)

Albums From 2018 Dug So Far (226)
Like these to varying degrees with a few comments.
Accuser/ The Mastery
Ahtme/ Sewerborn
Ammunition/ Ammunition
Amorphis/ Queen Of Time
Artillery/ The Face of Fear
Atomic Death Squad/ Brain Dead
Glad you got into this. Loved this madness!
Beyond Creation/ Algorythm
Black Reaper/ Birth of Extinction
Glad you got into this
Deadborn/ Dogma Anti God
This one ruled.
Defiatory/ Hades Rising
glad this amde it.
Dire Peril/ The Extraterrestrial Compendium
Distillator_Space Chaser/ Split Album
Dynazty/ Firesign
Epic. I know you probably like Renatus more right?
Dysmorphic / An Illusive Progress
Eternity's End/ Unyielding
Euphoreon/ Ends of the Earth
glad you liked this.
Exile/ Unveiling Insanity
Death oh yes!
Fifth Angel/ The Third Secret
Final Breath/ Of Death and Sin
Frosttide/ Decedents EP
lovely little ep
Frozen Crown/ The Fallen King
A bit surprised to see this here.
Gama Bomb/ Speed Between the Lines
finally you like these guys.
Guardians of Time/ Tearing up the World
Hateful Agony/ Plastic Culture Pestilence
Hitten/ Twist of Fate
Holter/ Vlad the Impaler
Hostil/ Infernal Rites
Inferi/ Revenant
glad to see this here.
Injury/ Wreckage
fun mayhem!
Irreversible Mechanism/ Immersion
Judas Priest/ Firepower
Judicator/ The Last Emperor
Kissin' Dynamite/ Ecstasy
Kobra And The Lotus/ Prevail II
Light The Torch/ Revival
Lost In Thought/ Renascence
glad to see this here
Maligner/ Attraction To Annihilation
Manimal/ Purgatorio
hell yeah for Manimal!
Monument/ Hellhound
nice one. Uk's best Maiden worship
Night in Gales/ The Last Sunsets
cool melodeath
Nightbreed/ Beyond Inferno
Nordic Union/ Second Coming
Obscura/ Diluvium
Pestilence/ Hadeon
Primitai/ The Calling
My boys. Seeing them again Apr 30.
Quasarborn/ The Odyssey to Room 101
Rapture/ Paroxysm of Hatred
Ravage/ The Derelict City
Nice retrad!
Resumed/ Year Zero
Revocation/ The Outer Ones
Riot / Armor of Light
Michael Romeo/ War Of The Worlds, Pt. 1
Sacral Rage/ Beyond Celestial Echoes
Satan/ Cruel Magic
Seventh Wonder/ Tiara
Good to see this here.
Shadowkeep/ Shadowkeep
Disappointed me.
Shiraz Lane/ Carnival Days
Great to see this here
Skeletal Remains/ Devouring Mortality
Fuck yea!
SkyEye/ Digital God
Slugdge/ Esoteric Malacology
Snakebite/ Rise of the Snake
Solace in Murder/ Homicidal
Soreption/ Monument Of The End
SoulHealer/ Up from the Ashes
Good to see this here.
Stormzone/ Lucifer's Factory
Good to see Northern Ireland's best here
Strikeback/ The Plague
Striker/ Play To Win
Svavelvinter/ Mörkrets Tid
Them/ Manor of the Se7en Gables
Thrashist Regime/ Carnival of Monsters
Thrashquatch/ Axe to Inherit
Traitor/ Knee-Deep in the Dead
Tremonti/ A Dying Machine
Your first Tremonti or you liked Cauterize?
The Unity/ Rise
Unreal Overflows/ Latent
Varathron/ Patriarchs of Evil
Visigoth/ Conqueror's Oath
W.E.T./ Earthrage
Great to see this here.
Where Deprivation Lies/ Psalms to the Synthetic Divine
Wulfpack/ War Ain't over!
Zero Theorem/ Ataraxis

Ghost/ Prequelle ("Rats")
Shame it's not more.
Helloween/ "Pumpkins United"
King Company/ Queen of Hearts ("Queen of Hearts", "One Day of Your Life")
Voodoo Circle/ Raised on Rock ("Running Away from Love", "You Promised Me Heaven", "Just Take My Heart")
I like these from your dismissed list:
Against Evil/ All Hail the King
Alterbeast/ Feast
Animal Drive/ Bite!
Baest/ Danse Macabre
Big City/ Big City Life
Carnation/ Chapel of Abhorrence
Collibus/ Trusting the illusion
Crimson Slaughter/ Surveillance States
Damn Youth/ Breathing Insanity
Eliminator/ Last Horizon
Godslave/ Reborn Again
Gruesome/ Twisted Prayers
Hammer King/ Poseidon Will Carry Us Home
Hardcore Superstar/ You Can't Kill My Rock 'N Roll
Hatchet/ Dying to Exist
Hatesphere/ Reduced to Flesh
Lordi/ Sexorcism
Lords of Black/ Icons Of The New Days
Lords of the Trident/ Shadows from the Past
Micawber/ Beyond The Reach of Flame
Mob Rules/ Beast Reborn
Monstrosity/ The Passage of Existence
Mustasch/ Silent Killer
Nils Patrik Johansson/ Evil Deluxe
Normandie/ White Flag
Omnium Gatherum/ The Burning Cold
Orphaned Land/ Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs
Outloud/ Virtual Hero Society
Powerwolf/ The Sacrament of Sin
tears of pain....
Processor/ Heliopolis
Project Pain/ Brothers in Blood
Purgatory/ Purgatory - EP
Revolting/ Monolith Of Madness
Seven Sisters/ The Cauldron and the Cross
Seventh Dimension/ The Corrupted Lullaby
Subsignal/ La Muerta
Ten/ Illuminati
Tonic Breed/ Install Memory
Triddana/ Rising from Within
Ultra-Violence/ Operation Misdirection
Unplexiety/ Anomalies Of Consciousness
Walls Of Babylon/ A Portrait Of Memories
White Wizzard/ Infernal Overdrive
Xenosis/ Devour And Birth

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