Re: PMx2 Thorsday Soundoff

Date:2019-03-07 13:01:32
Edited:2019-03-07 13:01:49
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von proclaimed:
teonzo proclaimed:
Guys, why don't you try to write a couple words commenting on your listens, instead of posting dry lists? Otherwise it seems like going to the supermarket and reading some grocery lists by housewives.

It's a playlist thing. You want to write a couple of words, go ahead. You want to write reviews, do it. Do whatever you want. Or don't.

The new Queensryche doesn't suck. It's actually not a flaming pile of shit-filled diapers like so many other post-Empire outings.(though I think there's another release, or two that doesn't suck, but all I remember is how confused one of the metalheads at the MTV listening party was when MTV held a listening party for the album that came out after Empire. "It's kind of like Pink Floyd," he said with a confused look on his face. He realized it would be impolite to say, "This shit sucks ass, man. Where's the free beer you promised us for listening to this crap?"

I love PF, and Voivod likely owes their career to them, but....

Metal Church - The Dark.

Satan - CITA.

Some other new stuff, but nothing really memorable.

The Rich Elect; The Poor Vote.

“Whenever someone starts quoting the bible, I know they’re full of shit. People only bring out that goddammed thing when they want to justify immoral behavior."

"You sound like a fuckin' Hemingway."
"Fuck you, asshole."
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