Re: My thoughts so far on releases in 2018

Date:2019-03-07 11:58:06
In Reply To:Re: My thoughts so far on releases in 2018 by John Frank
2900 from 2018. For now, I am avoiding my queue of older releases I need to check out.
Holy shit! Kudos to you man, you are the most dedicated person I know!

I got out of the webzine because I got sick of listening to 10-20 CDs per week to decide who was the correct reviewer for them, can't imagine how I would feel trying to listen to your amount of stuff.

Centaurus-A/Means of Escape
Yep! This is probably not as good as their previous album, but it is definitely worthwhile.
I stopped at the demo, hahahaha. Need to catch up then.

Mourning Sign/Contra Mundum
Heh, yeah. Did not get into them back then, and did not get into them now.
I have their 3 CDs from the 90's but never been a fan (same story as Nomicon and Sarnath).

The Polish ones?
Yeah, the first I have not liked from them, I think.
I stopped at the first one, so I need to catch up.

Still active and now with Oinos on drums? Must check, loved them.
I do not know the lineup, but it is the same WoW. Did not get into the album, unfortunately.
Oinos was the drummer in Thy Nature, he was considered the best metal drummer in Italy. Don't know about his abilities/style after 20 years though, hahahhaha. Too bad the girl playing keyboards is gone, her parts were the best thing in their first 2 albums.

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