Re: My thoughts so far on releases in 2018

Date:2019-03-07 00:27:54
In Reply To:My thoughts so far on releases in 2018 by John Frank
That leaves me with a little over 2900 additional titles to check out.
2900 overall (2018, 2019, old stuff) or only from 2018 (in which case you are checking like half of what was released)?

I can't decide if you are a hero, totally insane, or what else.

Centaurus-A/ Means of Escape
Wow, they are still active?

Unanimated/ Annihilation
Didn't know they made a reunion.

Cancer/ Shadow Gripped
Even Cancer made a reunion? I'd be curious to count how many "cult" bands from the 80's and early 90's made a reunion after disbanding. Probably way more than 50% hahahahah.

Coram Lethe/ In Absence
They started so well and lasted so little, just like Hypnotheticall.

Forgotten Silence/ Kras
I'm curious to check this, last one I listened was "KroNiKa"

Hypnotheticall/ Synchreality
Don't think I'll have the courage to try this, I'll just stick with "Thorns".

Kenòs/ Pest
Another blast from the Italian past, I remember reviewing their demo.

Last Pharaoh/ The Mantle Of Spiders
Matt Johnsen from the mirror universe?

Lunatic Gods/ Turiec
Same with Forgotten Silence, stopped following them long ago, but still curious. I liked them much more than the average tech aficionado.

Mourning Sign/ Contra Mundum
Reunion for everyone!

Necronomicon/ Unleashed Bastards
Even for the 4 tier!

NewBreed/ Law
The Polish ones?

Satan's Host/ Midnight Wind
I'll try to check this, without hoping anything.

Sleep Terror/ El Insomne
Wow, another ghost from the past. I remember really liking their demo and being disappointed by their debut album.

Stormwitch/ Bound to the Witch
Can we deny them the right for a reunion?

Tourniquet/ Gazing at Medusa
Wow, thought they turned to fishing, need to check it.

Will'o'Wisp/ Mot
Still active and now with Oinos on drums? Must check, loved them.

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