My thoughts so far on releases in 2018

Author:John Frank
Date:2019-03-06 22:49:13
I have completed my initial pass through the releases from 2018 that I have accumulated. I checked out 567 albums so far. These titles met one of the following conditions: (1) the band is familiar to me, or (2) my interest was piqued because of something I read online (recommendations from you fine folks, review sites). I ended up digging 226 albums and liking 1 to 3 songs from another 10 albums. I dismissed 331 albums.

So for the rest of the titles from 2018 that I will check out, I know nothing about them other than they supposedly belong to a metal or hard rock genre I enjoy, and there are a few titles in there solely because I thought the cover art was cool. That leaves me with a little over 2900 additional titles to check out. Yes, I should just cut my losses, get to know the 226 albums below better, and move onto 2019*. But we all know I am not going to do that. :-)

* = Though I have checked out some 2019 releases as well and found 11 to my liking so far.

I have no idea how these releases would fit into tiers yet. Arsis, Judicator, Manimal, Michael Romeo, and Sacral Rage have stood out initially, but more noteworthy to me are some of the albums that will not make my top tiers or make my list at all. I had high hopes for all of these, but they range from only good to ugh:

Ghost Ship Octavius / Delirium
Gross Misconduct / Equinox
Immension / Worth Dying For
Into Eternity / The Sirens
Judas Priest / Firepower
Kobra And The Lotus / Prevail II
Riot / Armor of Light
Satan / Cruel Magic
Slash / Living The Dream
Sufosia / Blazing Energy
Veilburner / A Sire To The Ghouls Of Lunacy
Voivod / The Wake

Ghost / Prequelle

Collibus / Trusting the illusion
Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway / Dictator
Disturbed / Evolution
Drottnar / Monolith II & III
Helion Prime / Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster
Imperial Triumphant / Vile Luxury
The Outside / We Feel Through the Dead
Tornado / Commitment to Excellence
Vorbid / Mind
Witherfall / A Prelude To Sorrow

Anyway, on to the lists. Note that I have not listed the 2913 titles still in my queue. You're welcome. :-)

Albums From 2018 Dug So Far (226)

Aborted / TerrorVision
The Absence / A Gift for the Obsessed
Abysmal Torment / The Misanthrope
Accuser / The Mastery
Acrid / Wonderland
Æpoch / Awakening Inception
Aethereus / Absentia
Ahtme / Sewerborn
Alkaloid / Liquid Anatomy
Ammunition / Ammunition
Amorphis / Queen Of Time
Ancient Empire / Eternal Soldier
Angelus Apatrida / Cabaret De La Guillotine
Apostasy / The Sign Of Darkness
Armortura / Armortura
Arsis / Visitant
Artillery / The Face of Fear
Artizan / Demon Rider (Deluxe Edition)
At The Gates / To Drink From The Night Itself
Atomic Death Squad / Brain Dead
Augury / Illusive Golden Age
Barren Earth / A Complex Of Cages
The Beast of Nod / Vampira: Disciple of Chaos
Bestial Invasion / Memories. The Аrchitect of the Universe
Between The Buried And Me / Automata I
Between The Buried And Me / Automata II
Beyond Creation / Algorythm
Black Fast / Spectre of Ruin
Black Reaper / Birth of Extinction
Black Viper / Hellions Of Fire
Bloodshot Dawn / Reanimation
Burden Of Grief / Eye Of The Storm
Centaurus-A / Means of Escape
Chevalier / Chapitre II
Circle of Silence / The Crimson Throne
Claret Ash / The Great Adjudication
Coheed and Cambria / The Unheavenly Creatures
Crimson Day / At the Mountains of Madness
Crisix / Against the Odds
The Cruel Intentions / No Sign of Relief
Cryptopsy / The Book of Suffering - Tome II
Warrel Dane / Shadow Work
Days Of Jupiter / Panoptical
De Profundis / The Blinding Light of Faith
Dead Shape Figure / Cacoëthes
Deadborn / Dogma Anti God
Death Keepers / Rock This World
Decaying / To Cross the Line
Defiatory / Hades Rising
Dire Peril / The Extraterrestrial Compendium
Disease Illusion / After the Storm (That Never Came)
Dissentience / Mask of Pretense EP
Distillator_Space Chaser / Split Album
Dragonlord / Dominion
Dynazty / Firesign
Dysmorphic / An Illusive Progress
Eartheria / Awaken The Sun
Ephyra / The Day of Return
Eradicator / Into Oblivion
Erra / Neon
Eternity's End / Unyielding
Euphoreon / Ends of the Earth
Exile / Unveiling Insanity
Exlimitir / It Weighed Itself In Silver
Exmortus / The Sound Of Steel
Exocrine / Molten Giant
Extinction A.D. / Decimation Treaty
Fifth Angel / The Third Secret
Final Breath / Of Death and Sin
The Force / Awakened by Lightning
Foreboding Ether / Dunamis
A Forest of Stars / Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes
From the Dark / Grow Apart
Frosttide / Decedents EP
Frozen Crown / The Fallen King
Future Corpse / Culture Ruins Everything around Me
Gama Bomb / Speed Between the Lines
Ghost Ship Octavius / Delirium
Giant Of The Mountain / Nature's Wrath
God's Army / Demoncracy
Gorod / Aethra
Gory Blister / 1991.Bloodstained
Grayceon / IV
Gross Misconduct / Equinox
Groza / Unified In Void
Guardians of Time / Tearing up the World
Haken / Vector
Hands of Despair / Well of the Disquieted
Hatalom / Of Sorrow and Human Dust
Hateful Agony / Plastic Culture Pestilence
Hatred Reigns / Realm: I - Affliction
Haunt / Burst Into Flame
Heaven's Trail / Lethal Mind
Hitten / Twist of Fate
Hollow / Between Eternities of Darkness
Holter / Vlad the Impaler
Horrendous / Idol
Hostil / Infernal Rites
Hoth / Astral Necromancy
House Of Atreus / From The Madness Of Ixion
Hyperdontia / Nexus of Teeth
Icarus Witch / Goodbye Cruel World
Idle Hands / Don't Waste Your Time
Immension / Worth Dying For
Immortal / Northern Chaos Gods
Inferi / Revenant
Injury / Wreckage
Into Eternity / The Sirens
Invicta / The Executioner
Irreversible Mechanism / Immersion
Iskald / Innhøstinga
Journal / Chrysalis Ordalias
Judas Priest / Firepower
Judicator / The Last Emperor
Kalmah / Palo
Khemmis / Desolation
Kinetik / Critical Fallout
Kissin' Dynamite / Ecstasy
Kobra And The Lotus / Prevail II
Light The Torch / Revival
Lord Vigo / Six Must Die
Lost Domain / ...In the Waiting Room of Death
Lost In Thought / Renascence
Lucky Bastardz / Be the One
Magister Dixit / Their Blood, Their Sweat, Their Tears
Maligner / Attraction To Annihilation
Manacle / No Fear to Persevere
Manimal / Purgatorio
Monument / Hellhound
Mordant Rapture / The Abnegation EP
Moss Upon the Skull / In Vengeful Reverence
Necrophobic / Mark of the Necrogram
Necrytis / Dread En Ruin
Negacy / Escape from Paradise
Night in Gales / The Last Sunsets
Nightbreed / Beyond Inferno
Nordic Union / Second Coming
Objector / Social Intolerance
Oblivion / Oblivion
Obscura / Diluvium
The Odious Construct / Shrine of the Obscene
Omnipotence / Praecipitium
Onward / New Fathoms Down
The Order of Chaos / Night Terror EP
Oubliette / The Passage
Parasite Inc. / Dead and Alive
Persefone / In Lak'Ech EP
Pestilence / Hadeon
Poem / Unique
Primitai / The Calling
Quasarborn / The Odyssey to Room 101
Rapture / Paroxysm of Hatred
Ravage / The Derelict City
Redemption / Long Night's Journey Into Day
Resumed / Year Zero
Revocation / The Outer Ones
Rift / Purge
Riot / Armor of Light
Michael Romeo / War Of The Worlds, Pt. 1
Sacral Rage / Beyond Celestial Echoes
Sacrificed Alliance / Withdrawn
Salems Lott / Mask of Morality
Satan / Cruel Magic
Serocs / The Phobos​/​Deimos Suite
Seventh Wonder / Tiara
Shadowkeep / Shadowkeep
Shiraz Lane / Carnival Days
Skeletal Remains / Devouring Mortality
Skeletonwitch / Devouring Radiant Light
SkyEye / Digital God
Skyglow / Thousand Years of Terror
Slægt / The Wheel
Slash / Living The Dream
Slugdge / Esoteric Malacology
Snakebite / Rise of the Snake
Solace in Murder / Homicidal
Solstice / White Horse Hill
Soreption / Monument Of The End
SoulHealer / Up from the Ashes
A Sound of Thunder / It Was Metal
Spectral / Neural Correlates of Hate
Stormcast / The Ghost Eater
Stormzone / Lucifer's Factory
Stortregn / Emptiness Fills the Void
Strikeback / The Plague
Striker / Play To Win
Sufosia / Blazing Energy
Sulphur Aeon / The Scythe of Cosmic Chaos
Suotana / Land of the Ending Time
Svartidauði / Revelations Of The Red Sword
Svavelvinter / Mörkrets Tid
Teleport / The Expansion
Them / Manor of the Se7en Gables
Thoren / Gwarth I
Thorium / Thorium
Thrashist Regime / Carnival of Monsters
Thrashquatch / Axe to Inherit
Thron / Abysmal
Tomb Mold / Manor of Infinite Forms
Tragodia / Before the Fall
Traitor / Knee-Deep in the Dead
Traveler / Demo 2018
Tremonti / A Dying Machine
Turmion Kätilöt / Universal Satan
Ulthar / Cosmovore
Unanimated / Annihilation
The Unity / Rise
Unreal Overflows / Latent
Untimely Demise / No Promise Of Tomorrow
Varathron / Patriarchs of Evil
Veilburner / A Sire To The Ghouls Of Lunacy
Veiled in Scarlet / Atonement
Vermithrax / Imperium Draconus
Visigoth / Conqueror's Oath
Voight Kampff / Substance Rêve
Voivod / The Wake
Vreid / Lifehunger
W.E.T. / Earthrage
Warclown / Crooks Of Justice
Warfield / Wrecking Command
Westfield Massacre / Salvation
Where Deprivation Lies / Psalms to the Synthetic Divine
Wulfpack / War Ain't over!
Zealotry / At The Nexus Of All Stillborn Worlds
Zero Theorem / Ataraxis
Железный Поток / Зовущая Вечность

Dig 1-3 Songs (10)

Ashes of Ares / Well of Souls ("Consuming the Mana")
Dischordia / Binge​/​Purge ("Binge")
Ghost / Prequelle ("Rats")
Halestorm / Vicious ("Black Vultures", "Skulls", "Uncomfortable")
Helloween / "Pumpkins United"
In Vain / Currents ("Seekers of the Truth")
King Company / Queen of Hearts ("Queen of Hearts", "One Day of Your Life")
Madder Mortem / Marrow ("Liberator", "Moonlight over Silver White", "White Snow, Red Shadows")
Myles Kennedy / Year of the Tiger ("Year of the Tiger")
Voodoo Circle / Raised on Rock ("Running Away from Love", "You Promised Me Heaven", "Just Take My Heart")

Dismissed (331)

A Dying Planet / Facing the Incurable
Abigor / Hollenzwang - Chronicles of Perdition
Against Evil / All Hail the King
Alice in Chains / Rainier Fog
Alterbeast / Feast
Amaranthe / Helix
Anachronism / Orogeny
Animal Drive / Bite!
Aorlhac / L'esprit des vents
Aornos / The Great Scorn
Apophys / Devoratis
Arkheth / 12 Winter Moons Comes the Witches Brew
Arwen / The Soul's Sentence
Ascension / Under Ether
Ataraxy / Where All Hope Fades
Aura Noir / Aura Noire
Avatar / Avatar Country
Baest / Danse Macabre
Behemoth / I Loved You at Your Darkest
Betrayer / Scaregod
Big City / Big City Life
Big City / Wintersleep (Bonus CD)
Binah / Phobiate
Blackrat / Dread Reverence
Blame / Almanac
Blood Tsunami / Grave Condition
Bomber / Sommation
Bonfire / Temple of Lies
Burial Invocation / Abiogenesis
Cancer / Shadow Gripped
Candle / The Keeper's Curse
Candlemass / House of Doom
Carnation / Chapel of Abhorrence
Carriage / Visions
Castle / Deal Thy Fate
Cauldron / New Gods
Cerebrum / Iridium
Charnel / Cognitive Process
Chthe'ilist / Passage Into The Xexanotth (EP)
Collibus / Trusting the illusion
Concealment / Split
Conjurer / Mire
Conjurer / Mire
Construct Of Lethe / Exiler
Convulsing / Grievous
Cor Scorpii / Ruin
Coram Lethe / In Absence
Crimson Slaughter / Surveillance States
Crocell / Relics
Crystal Viper / At the Edge of Time
Cultural Warfare / Warmageddon
Damn Youth / Breathing Insanity
Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway / Dictator
Daughters / You Won't Get What You Want
Deathhammer / Chained to Hell
Deceased / Ghostly White
Dee Snider / For the Love of Metal
Deliverance / The Subversive Kind
Demonik / Rise from Chaos
Desdemonia / Anguish
Desecrator / Manic
Deströyer 666 / Call of the Wild
Dimmu Borgir / Eonian
Disturbed / Evolution
Dog Fashion Disco / Experiments in Embryos
Drottnar / Monolith II
Drottnar / Monolith III
Dyecrest / Are You Not Entertained?
Dysnomia / Anagnorisis
Dysylumn / Occultation
Eldritch / Cracksleep
Eliminator / Last Horizon
Elvellon / Until Dawn
Embrace of Thorns / Scorn Aesthetics
Enemynside / Dead Nation Army
Engel / Abandon All Hope
Engulfed in Blackness / Unspeakable Torment
Eosphoros / Eosphoros
Estuarine / Sic Erat Scriptum
Eternal Lies / Burning the Nest
Everdying / Within the Recesses
Evil-Lÿn / Disciple Of Steel
Exile / Pleasure Awaits
Exlibris / Innertia
Extremity / Coffin Birth
Farcry / Singularity
Fatal Illusion / From the Ashes
Fate Breaks Dawn / Deviate
Flesh Consumed / Hymn For The Leeches
Forgotten Silence / Kras
Freak Kitchen / Confusion To The Enemy
Frontierer / Unloved
Furze / The Presence...
Gatekeeper / East Of Sun
Ghastly / Death Velour
Ghost / Dance Macabre (Carpenter Brut Remix)
Godslave / Reborn Again
Godsmack / When Legends Rise
Golgothan Remains / Perverse Offerings to the Void
Gourmand / Blossoming from the Grave
Graviton / Per Erebus Ad Astra
Great Leap Skyward / Map of Broken Dreams
Gruesome / Twisted Prayers
Gygax / 2nd Edition
Hadal Maw / Charlatan
Hago / Hago
Haiduk / Exomancer
Halcyon Way / Bloody But Unbowed
Hammer King / Poseidon Will Carry Us Home
Hardcore Superstar / You Can't Kill My Rock 'N Roll
Hatchet / Dying to Exist
Hate Eternal / Upon Desolate Sands
Hatesphere / Reduced to Flesh
Heir Apparent / The View from Below
Helion Prime / Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster
Hidden Intent / Fear, Prey, Demise
Hinayana / Order Divine
Hissing / Permanent Destitution
Hypnotheticall / Synchreality
Ice Sword / Dragon Magic
Ihsahn / Ámr
Imperial Domain / The Deluge
Imperial Triumphant / Vile Luxury
Inexistence / Infinite Forms
Inexorum / Lore of the Lakes
Infected Mind / Far from Reality
Infera Bruo / Cerement
Ion / A Path Unknown
Iron Angel / Hellbound
Ironflame / Tales of Splendor and Sorrow
Jaded Heart / Devil's Gift
Kairos. / Simulgression
Kataklysm / Meditations
Kekal / Deeper Underground
Kenòs / Pest
Kevin Hufnagel / Messages to the Past
Khôrada / Salt
Kill Ritual / All Men Shall Fall
King Heavy / Guardian Demons
King Witch / Under the Mountain
Kingcrow / The Persistence
Last Pharaoh / The Mantle Of Spiders
Leather / II
Leverage / The Devil's Turn
Lik / Carnage
Liv Sin / Inverted
Lizzy Borden / My Midnight Things
Lordi / Sexorcism
Lords of Black / Icons Of The New Days
Lords of the Trident / Shadows from the Past
Loudness / Rise to Glory
Lunatic Gods / Turiec
Lychgate / The Contagion In Nine Steps
Mad Max / 35
Maestrick / Espresso Della Vita: Sorale
Maladie / Of Harm and Salvation
Malokarpatan / Cesta podzemnými sálami Kovovlada
Manticora / To Kill To Live To Kill
Marax / The Abyss of Illusions
Marc Rizzo / Rotation
Mephostophilis / Craft Of Rotten Flesh
Meridian / The Fate of Atlantis
Metal Church / Damned If You Do
Micawber / Beyond The Reach of Flame
Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins / Pawn and Prophecy
Millennial Reign / The Great Divide
Mindwars / Do Unto Others
Mob Rules / Beast Reborn
Monotheist / Scourge
Monstrosity / The Passage of Existence
Morbid Sin / Where's Your Fucking God?
Mourning Sign / Contra Mundum
Mustasch / Silent Killer
Mutilate / Tormentium
Mycelia / Apex
Naberus / Hollow
Nachtlieder / Lynx
Nails Of Imposition / Surpassing Carbon Decay
National Napalm Syndicate / Time Is the Fire
Nechochwen / The Ancient Pulse (10 Year Anniversary)
Necrodeath / The Age of Dead Christ
Necronomicon / Unleashed Bastards
Necropanther / Eyes of Blue Light
Nekrogoblikon / Welcome to Bonkers
Nervosa / Downfall Of Mankind
Neter / Inferus
NewBreed / Law
Nightmarer / Cacophony of Terror
Nils Patrik Johansson / Evil Deluxe
Nine Inch Nails / Bad Witch
Nocturnal Graves / Titan
Normandie / White Flag
Nothgard / Malady X
Obscenity / Summoning the Circle
Oceans Of Slumber / The Banished Heart
Oksennus / Kolme Toista
Omnium Gatherum / The Burning Cold
On Thorns I Lay / Aegean Sorrow
Oppressor God / Mechanical Manslaughter (EP)
Orange Goblin / The Wolf Bites Back
Orphaned Land / Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs
Ostura / The Room
Our Place Of Worship Is Silence / With Inexorable Suffering
Outer Heaven / Realms of Eternal Decay
Outloud / Virtual Hero Society
Overruled / Hybris
Pale Divine / Pale Divine
Parius / The Eldritch Realm
Parkway Drive / Reverence
Pestilent Reign / Pyres
Phlebotomized / Deformation of Humanity
Phylactery / Aeber
Polyphia / New Levels New Devils
Positronic Brain / The Thrash of Khan
Powerwolf / The Sacrament of Sin
Primal Waters / Primogenitor
Primordial / Exile Amongst the Ruins
Pripjat / Chain Reaction
Processor / Heliopolis
Professor Black / I Am the Rock
Project Pain / Brothers in Blood
Proliferation / Woodborn
Promethee / Convalescence
Psychostick / Do
Purgatory / Purgatory - EP
Radux / Disaster Imminent
Raider / Urge to Kill
Rebel Wizard / Great Addictions to Blindingly Dark, Worldly Life
Rebel Wizard / Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response
Refuge / Solitary Men
Reliever / Abyss
Replicant / Negative Life
Replicant / Negative Life
Reprisal / None Survive the Sun
Reversed / Ignition to the Apocalypse
Reversed / Widow Recluse
Revolting / Monolith Of Madness
Rivers of Nihil / Where Owls Know My Name
Rygel / Darkened
Sacrament / The End of Immortality
Sacrosanct / Necropolis
Sadist / Spellbound
Saffire / Where The Monsters Dwell
Samavayo / Vatan
Satan's Host / Midnight Wind
Savage Machine / Abandon Earth
Scorched / Ecliptic Butchery
Sear Bliss / Letters From The Edge
Selbst / Secular Compendium
Seprevation / Into the Black
Sepulcher / Panoptic Horror
Serpent Lord / Towards the Damned
Seven Sisters / The Cauldron and the Cross
Seventh Dimension / The Corrupted Lullaby
Shadowkiller / Guardians Of The Temple
Shelton Chastain / The Edge of Sanity (88 Demo Session)
Shinedown / Attention Attention
Shining / Animal
Shylmagoghnar / Transience
Single Bullet Theory / Divine Ways of Chaos
Sixgun Renegades / Sixgun Renegades
Skull Fist / Way of the Road
Skull Hammer / Resisting Time
Sleep Terror / El Insomne
Soulfly / Ritual
Spires / A Parting Gift
Steorrah / The Altstadt Abyss
Stormwitch / Bound to the Witch
Street Force / Infinite Battles
Stunner / Turbo City
Subsignal / La Muerta
Suidakra / Cimbric Yarns
Sulaco / The Prize
Sunstorm / The Road to Hell
Susperia / The Lyricist
Symbiotic / Malum in Se
Synergi / Tranceform
Tankard / Hymns for the Drunk
Tantara / Sum of Forces
Ten / Illuminati
Terminal Function / The Great Liberator
Tesseract / Sonder
The Aftermath / Vermine
The Agony Scene / Tormentor
The Arusha Accord / Juracan
The Burning / The Living Dead
The Crown / Cobra Speed Venom
The Fractured Dimension / On the Precipice of Many Infinities
The Outside / We Feel Through the Dead
The Ransack / Decadence
Thrawsunblat / Great Brunswick Forest
Tokyo Blade / Unbroken
Tonic Breed / Install Memory
Tornado / Commitment to Excellence
Torturous Inception / Arcane Dominion
Tourniquet / Gazing at Medusa
Trauma / As the World Dies
Tribulation / Down Below
Triddana / Rising from Within
Trioxine / Rise from the grave
Tulkas / Take the World
Tumourboy / Condemned To Extinction
Tyrant Disciple / Weight of Oblivion
Uada / Cult of a Dying Sun
Ültra Raptör / Ültra Raptör
Ultra-Violence / Operation Misdirection
Unbirth / Fleshforged Columns Of Deceit
Unearth / Extinction(s)
Unflesh / Savior
Unleashed / The Hunt for White Christ
Unperson / World Wide War
Unplexiety / Anomalies Of Consciousness
Vein / Errorzone
Violent Definition / Life Sentence
Vola / Applause Of A Distant Crowd
Vorbid / Mind
Vyre / Weltformel
Walls Of Babylon / A Portrait Of Memories
Wayfarer / World's Blood
Whipstriker / Merciless Artillery
White Wizzard / Infernal Overdrive
Whyzdom / As Time Turns to Dust
Wild Hunt / Awakening of the Wild Spirits
Will'o'Wisp / Mot
Wills Dissolve / The Heavens Are Not On Fire...
Witherfall / A Prelude To Sorrow
Wolfen / Rise of the Lycans
Wolfheart / Constellation of the Black Light
Wytch Hazel / II: Sojourn
Xenosis / Devour And Birth

"It's not exactly a horrible album, but it's no better than something by, I dunno, Pagan's Mind or some other shirt-tucking nerdprog band." - Matt Johnsen of Pharaoh
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