And here's the latest graph of the data

Date:2019-03-06 17:34:04
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The three lines indicate the three different times I grabbed the data from over the last 13 years (I grabbed the latest data today). The point of that is to show how an apparent "leveling off" of the growth trend is partly an illusion, because there is a lag-time in discovering/collecting all the albums released in a year. For example, look at the big difference in the number of 2012-2013 releases grabbed in 2014 (red line) vs. when I re-checked in 2019 (blue line).

The numbers do sometimes decrease in a later scrape in the early years, presumably when some releases were declared 'not metal', or maybe just when a year gets corrected. Overall though the m-a database seems pretty solid over time.
Albums released according to metal-archives since 2010
I was confused for a while because your numbers were much lower than mine. It looks like you must have been entering <year>/<month> in your search, while I was leaving the month blank. By entering the month, it leaves out all the albums for which only the release year (not month or date) is known.

Great idea to discover that "percentage of indie releases" trend though!
Maybe finally a slow down in 2018 but it will increase slowly over this year to probably equal 2017's total.
Yep. When I grabbed the data on 2014-07-23, it showed 6286 releases from 2013. Today, it shows 7027, an increase of 741 (12%). I'm confident 2018 will easily overtake 2017, especially since we're currently much closer to the end of last year than when I scraped the data in 2014. I left 2018 off in my chart because visually seeing that apparent dip at the end would give an incorrect impression of reality.

Overall though, the exponential growth has definitely decreased some from its 1985-2005 trend. Still a long way from seeing an end to year-over-year growth though, much less negative growth.
In 1986, 152 albums in total came out including Master of Puppets since we were talking about that. 5 of which were indie releases. 3% lol.
So it was actually 423 in 1986. And the number of indie releases was 27 (6%). Which makes sense because the albums with unknown release months are more likely to be indie releases (especially way back in those dark ages!)
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