labels acted as filters, now everyone has to work through the slush pile, and it's only getting worse.

Date:2019-03-05 14:11:15
In Reply To:Will the amount of metal music released ever be significantly reduced? Has any music genre shrunk in the recent past? by John Frank
Eventually stasis will be achieved as metal becomes ubiquitous around the world, but that won't occur for decades. Plus, who knows if any of our favorite sub-genres of metal will still be relevant when this finally occurs? I sincerely doubt it.

There are more rock albums being released now than ever before, but they've fallen out of favor with American audiences. Until a well-crafted release recaptures the public's short attention span, far too many great releases will continue to fall through the cracks into obscurity. As an example, look at how many 80s metal bands didn't achieve critical acclaim until well after their window had closed? It's even worse now.

The quantity and quality are still here, but while the quantity is in greater numbers than ever before, the quality is on the decline. Budgetary constraints has compromised the role of the producer. Many artists foolishly believe they possess the recording chops of a Martin Birch, Mutt Lange, or Neil Kernon. This degrades their product.

For every great release there will be hundreds, if not thousands destined for the dustbins of mediocrity. For those who consume their metal with little regard to quality, or who rarely listen to a single release more than a few times, this shouldn't be an problem. For those who enjoy listening to albums dozens of times, picking up the subtle nuances that truly separate a given release from the slush pile, this is a serious issue.

This is one huge benefit of the Thorsday sound off. It's one of the filters I use to find new tunes. You fuckers know your shit, and I am tremendously grateful.

There are a handful of people I trust to do the grunt work for me. When I was younger I never purchased more than a handful of releases at a time. I'd jack a new cassette into my Walkman and listen to it for weeks on end. I vividly remember falling asleep to Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Anthrax. I listen to popular music the same way I listen to classical.

The quality issue is the real bitch for me.

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