Nos Like Stuff, Again

Date:2019-03-04 20:29:25
Here's some new and upcoming stuff I've been enjoying:

Forever Still - Breathe In Colours

Sort of dark modern rock. Maja has a glass-shattering voice (in the good way). I really enjoyed their first record, and this one is right there with it. Not an AOTY contender, but a strong release nonetheless.

In Flames - I, The Mask

I didn't think I would enjoy an In Flames record again, but here we are. This one is way better than "Battles", which was truly awful, and it sounds more like "Sounds Of A Playground Fading", which is probably why I like it. They're a modenr rock band now, but that's fine if they make records like this.

A New Revenge - Enemies And Lovers

Ripper finally put out a record that doesn't suck. His voice doesn't sound nearly as good, as it seems all that shrieking has damaged the rest of his voice, but it's nice to hear him sing stuff that isn't as aggravating. This record is the most melodic thing he's done in a long time. It's pretty good.

The End Machine - S/T

I've said before I don't get what's so great about George Lynch as a guitar player. Most everything I've heard from him is just 'meh', and he doesn't wow me on this record either. It's by no means great, but it's a solid, veteran album. Way better than a lot of crap getting put out (LA Guns, anyone?).

Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water

And just to be weird, here's a bit of pop. I actually like this record quite a bit, even though I don't have nostalgia for when she was popular. Her voice sounds good, and the songs are memorable (minus one god-awful one). This was a nice surprise.
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