Re: Master of Puppets is 33 today

Date:2019-03-04 13:31:22
In Reply To:Master of Puppets is 33 today by Pirage
It was the fall of 1988. At the time it was difficult being introduced to metal here in vatican country, it was non existent on radio/TV besides some exceptions like "The Final Countdown".
Finally a guy lent me a tape with "Slippery When Wet" by Bon Jovi which had "Madhouse" by Anthrax at the end (just to fill all the precious tape length). I asked for something more like "Madhouse" and received a copy of "Walls of Jericho" by Helloween, then a homemade compilation of Ozzy songs. After that I said him "look, it's all really good, but don't you have something heavier?". He brought me "Master of Puppets" saying "this is the heaviest thing I have, I barely can listen to it". Few days later he asked for my comments, thinking I would have been scared, but I replied "I love it, it's great, but it's still light, there must be heavier stuff out there". So I got the reputation at school of being the one considered evil by the one that was considered the evil one by everyone else, a sort of evil^2, which was really fine with me.
It's by far my most listened to album, if I didn't pass the 1000 listens then I'm pretty near. When I finally had the money to buy it on CD in 1995 I was REALLY HAPPY.
My favourite songs are "Master of Puppets", "Disposable Heroes" and "Orion", in this order. If I don't have the time to listen to the full CD then I go for these 3 songs. I must say I think "Damage Inc." is only great and not super-awesome as all the other songs. Never had any troubles with Lars mediocre skills, "Kill'em All" has some of the worst drumming ever recorded and it's part of that album's charm: pure thrash is meant to be raw.

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