Re: Asshole Of The Week: David Shankle, Manowar's Worst Guitarist

Date:2019-03-04 12:53:02
In Reply To:Asshole Of The Week: David Shankle, Manowar's Worst Guitarist by Nosferatwo
There's a bit of difference between being accused and being proven guilty and condemned. You wrote you study phylosophy, so I expect you are well aware about this difference and all the troubles that can arise when someone makes the implication "accused means guilty". You know as much about this case as all the rest of non involved people: what's been written in articles.
In front of such a situation (a person is accused of a horrible act) then you can react in 2 different ways:
1- being positive, hoping it's a case of wrong accusations, this meaning that there is a criminal less in this world; if the accusations are true, then you hope the development will be positive (the criminal will redeem himself and begin a "correct" life after paying for his wrongdoings);
2- being negative, assuming the accused is guilty before judgement, hoping all the worse for him and bashing all people that have a different point of view.
Shankle chose 1, you chose 2.

You just pick any chance to slam on people just for the sake of being negative. I'd dare to say that you need some help about this.

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